How much is UR Apartments?

Question: How much is UR Apartments in Japan?

Answer: UR Apartment cost are generally about the same or 10-20% more expensive as private apartments you find in magazines, online and through brokers.  If a private apartment in Tokyo cost 100,000 Yen per month, then the UR apartment with the same size in the same area will be around 100,000 YEN to 120,000 Yen.

The UR Apartment rent is actually very attractive even with the slight markup as there are no broker fees, no key money, no deposit fee, no long term contracts and no guarantors needed.  The only disadvantage for UR Apartments are lack of choices within a certain area.  Although there are over 700,000 UR Apartments in Japan, within each area like (Shibuya, Shinjuku, Setagaya, etc) there might only be 5-6 UR Apartment buildings.